iPhone 5 Armbands

Price: £8.95

  • Really high quality for apple iPhone 5 5s 5c apple iPod touch 5th generation. Manufactured with quality durable materials and workmanship.
  • Protects your valuable phone asset from bumps and scratches!
  • Very high quality neoprene with good abrasion resistance.
  • Really comfortable, light weight and soft ,bright and ultra-comfortable armband is design to bend and twist .But still stay its shape.
  • Armband stabilizes and protects device; stays secure comfortably without sliding down the arm or feeling too tight!
  • Fully adjustable armband to fit all sizes of arms.
  • Total length is 17.5 Inch so fits arms measuring 11.4 -14.6-Inch (290mm – 370mm). The strap buckle can be fixed firmly as sticky strap part is strong.
  • Manage your key and carry your Bluetooth. Built-in key holder that is hidden allowing you to minimize storing extra things.
  • Durable protective cover for complete edge and corner protection for your phone from shake and damage.
  • Soft strap improves comfort and keep your phone safety at all times during use.
    Easy access to headphones and all controls, including full use of touch screen.
  • Super easy touch control without removing the case during running, workout and exercising jogging and other activities.
  • Better to hand-washable and keep it dry otherwise you may experience excessive sweating during exercise 2 year – quality.

11 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Armbands

  1. Anonymous

    This armband is well made with strong and comfortable material. Featuring an extension to be used if worn over clothing or maybe if you have biceps like Popeye!

    I have worn it a number of times around the house and on the school run and after a short time you do not even notice it is there, It is particularly handy that you can still access your touch screen when the phone is in the pocket. It is quite good for taking those awkward selfies. The children enjoyed taking photos of themselves with ‘daddies arm camera’ too!

    My wife work it running recently and with the strong Velcro and stretchy fabric she found it very comfortable and her iPhone 5c fitted in very snugly and felt secure. She was using wired headphones that worked well but paired with a set of good Bluetooth headphones this is the perfect running accessory!

  2. Anonymous

    The delivery was exceptional and I was impressed by the attention to detail that has been put towards the packaging. It was well secured and there was no damage to the product.

    The armband itself is very strong and durable and it keeps your phone intact. It is made out of sweat-proof material so don’t have to worry about being the product smelly. It keeps the sweat away from the product. It has a very strong hold on the phone so you don’t have to worry about the phone being dropped of the arm band.

  3. Anonymous

    For a long time when I have been running I have either left my phone at home (not the worst idea) or held it in my hand. I hadn’t really thought of using an armband, but now I am using this all the time. The armband is comfortable to wear and although I’ve only had it a few days it seems to be durable and copes well with being squashed in my gym bag. After use it is very easy to take the phone out of the armband case.

  4. Anonymous

    Having never before had an arm strap for putting my phone in when running (I went with the ‘hold in hand and hope it doesn’t slip out’ approach) I was very impressed with the comfort of the product. The silicone rubber encasing for your phone means that it can be tightly fastened to your arm using the high quality Velcro straps.

    Unlike others I have seen on the market, the case secures the phone tightly into position and ensure that it doesn’t slide about while in the jogging motion. Every button was assessable from the case and nothing was in the way while I received a call walking.

    So far I have only used it a few times but it seems to be very durable (if the outside casing is anything to go by) and I have no doubt that it is built to last the test of time, and the conditions that the bottom of my gym bag present to it.

  5. Anonymous

    Really like this product – So Far! I say so far because I’ve purchased a few similar products that have either fallen apart or the Velcro stops working.

    Overall it feels lightweight and comfortable, the sweat proofing seems to work and haven’t experienced any ‘fogging’ on the clear plastic screen. The pocket for putting a Key in is great and saves me from hiding my key under plant pots in my garden when I go for a run. Overall I recommend this product.

  6. Anonymous

    Band fits perfectly round the arm and stays in place when against skin or a long sleeved top. its wide so does not pinch the skin and has a wide Velcro connect area.
    I use the cover with an Apple cover on my phone. When it goes into the case its a tight fit but fits in fine. Use it a few times and its fine.
    Fantastic product can not recommend more highly. Will use this every time i need to have a workout.

  7. Anonymous

    This is one the best armbands I have ever used for my iPhone 5. The main reason being that simple fact that it is incredibly easy to fix my phone in place (and it actually stays!). This armband is made out of silicone, which makes it very comfortable to wear. This comes if 3 different sizes of straps, meaning you can find you perfect fit, and the straps themselves are very flexible and don’t dig into my arm like out armbands that I have previously used.

  8. Anonymous

    Solidly built armband which firmly holds the phone in place. Arrived in a neat little carry bag. The armband is made of high grade silicone/rubber and looks and feels really durable. The phone slips in very easily and using the provided Velcro armband, the user can fasten this to their arm. The pack comes with three different size arm bands to suit most people and can be adjusted using the velcro fastening. When used I didn’t feel at all that the phone would drop out. The case has a nice smooth texture to it and doesn’t get in the way of the screen like some other ones do. When worn, you hardly notice the armband is on due to the light weight materials used. Nice product!!

  9. Anonymous

    This armband was a great buy! I’ve owned multiple armbands and this one seems to be the one with the best overall design.

  10. Anonymous

    High quality armband that not only looks nice but feels sturdy. Fits the iPhone 5 well and plenty of adjustment on the arm. You can operate the touch screen through this, although obviously not the fingerprint scanner. I like the key pocket and the headphones holder too,nice touches.

  11. Anonymous

    I have used these products before and have been impressed with them so it was a natural choice for me to get them again. I was surprised by the additions that they have now included with the key holder and the headphone wrap which makes it easier to keep tidy

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