Wireless Driveway Motion Sensor

Price: £19.99

Do you have a long driveway? Are you security conscious? Live near a busy road and can’t confirm if that’s someone wandering up the drive? Is that car driving up your driveway, or just passing by? This Wireless Driveway Security Alert System is a unique device that will let you know when people are coming to visit! There are two parts to the Driveway Alert Security System. The transmitter contains a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, which detects moving heat created by a cars engine or a person walking up your drive. When it detects this motion it sends a signal to the receiving unit. The transmitter should be located outdoors, where it will have a clear view of the driveway. The receiver is placed in your home (or business, office, warehouse etc.). This unit contains a series of LEDs and a small buzzer to let you know when the outside transmitter detects motion so you’ll be prepared for that unexpected knock at the door or beep in your driveway.

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