Wi-Fi Internet HD Video Doorbell with Motion Alarm

Price: £79.99

  • Setting up the Wi-Fi doorbell is quick and easy.
  • Using the existing AC/DC circuit from your previous doorbell, simply connect the wires to your new doorbell and screw the unit to the wall.
  • To connect to your Wi-Fi network, download the dedicated app onto your smartphone and scan the QR code provided using the camera on the doorbell.
  • Follow these steps and youll be able to see who comes calling in no time!
  • Any Question Feel Free to email Us.

Wi-Fi Internet HD Video Doorbell with Motion Alarm : Give the impression you’re at home, helping to secure your property. No more do you have to open the door to unwanted guests. Even if you are at home you can just as easily send them away through your smartphone. Ideal for dark nights, if someone comes to your door you can easily speak to them without risking your safety.If you are expecting a delivery, but can’t be at home to accept it, that’s no problem! When the delivery driver rings the bell, you can answer from wherever you may be and ask them to put it in a safe place. When you are busy at home, or in the garden, you don’t need to rush to the door anymore. If your visitor is someone you are expecting you can easily tell them you will be there shortly or, if a salesman comes calling, you can quickly send them away and carry on with the task at hand. Whether someone rings the bell during the day or night, you’ll be able to see clearly who is there thanks to infrared night vision technology. Many people are more cautious of answering the door during the night, but you don’t need to worry any more. simply connect the wires to your new doorbell and screw the unit to the wall. For Tomorrow Buy Now, Simply Click “Add To Basket” And You’re Good To

Feature :

Video doorbell Easy set up and operation
Answer your door from anywhere in the world
Live monitoring
High definition live feed
Motion sensor up to 3m
Infrared night vision for 24/7 cover
Compact and discreet design
Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
Field of view: 185° horizontal, 120° vertical
Dimensions: H 80mm x W 80mm

Package Content:

1 X Video doorbell
If You Are Not Completely Satisfied With your Video doorbell Whatever Reason Simply Let Us Know And We’ll Refund You In Full.

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