Anti Slip Potato Peeler

Price: £13.99

The Liham ANTI-SLIP potato peeler /vegetable fruit, potato swivel peeler slicer


· Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer Juicer is a finest tool to fully extract juice from lemon and lime while separating seeds and pulp

· Enamel coating resist rusting and reaction of citrus with squeezer

· Easy to use, very little effort required for extracting juice so can be easily used by kids and elders

· Make delicious lemonades and juices at home

· With an easy hanging hook, it can be stored within reaching distance

The Liham Vegetable Peeler Slicer Is Designed With Your Safety In Mind – A Non Slip Handle Making It Impossible For It To Slip Through Your Hands … Even When Wet!

– The Liham potato peeler features a non-slip handle making it impossible to slip out your hands

– The vegetable peeler is designed to peel a range of fruit and vegetables including, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, cucumbers, apples

– The swivel fruit peeler worked by using its flexible rotating stainless steel blades to make peeling your fruit easier

– The vegetable slicers smooth blades removes peel easily without damaging your fruit or vegetables. it also has a built potato eye remover to get rid of over excess growth

– ergonomically designed to fit the palm or your hand softly and comfortably, with its pressure absorbing processed rubber handle puts less tension on hands whilst providing an outstanding grip. Perfect for use whether your right or left handed.

100% NO HASSLE GUARANTEE! – If You Are Not 100% Satisfied with your purchase, Simply Return It for A 100% No Hassle Refunded

ANTI-SLIP potato peeler /vegetable fruit, potato swivel peeler slicer

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