Splatter Screen (Pack of 2)

Price: £9.99

  • Prevent Splatters of Hot Fat, Oil & Water When Cooking
  • Firm Handle – Comfortable To Hold Even When Hot
  • Zinc Plated Steel for High Durability
  • Comes with Hang up Hole for Easy Storage
  • Sturdy, Lightweight & Handy Tool Can Be Carry Anywhere

Now keep your kitchen clean with this 43.5cm x 29cm x 0.7cm splatter screen. Designed for everyday use, simply hold the screen over a hot frying pan, griddle or saucepan and stop hot fat and oil splattering. The other advantage of using a splatter screen is to protect your skin and eyes from a spitting pan, when frying bacon and eggs for example. It can also be used as a strainer or sifter. Product Dimensions: – 43.5cm X 29cm X 0.7cm. Weight: – 92g (including any packaging). Material: – Zinc Plated Steel with PP Plastic Handle

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