Signature 1.7L White Electric Cordless Kettle

Price: £15.99

Signature S101 1.7L White Electric Cordless Jug Kettle – Indicator & Water Gauge

Its sleek, versatile design ensures that this Electric Jug Kettle from Signature adds a touch of timeless class to any stylish home. Measuring at a generous 1.7 litre capacity, you can now boil multiple brews for family and friends, finally eliminating the need for constant refills. Featuring a separate base with cord, this Electric Jug Kettle also has a handy cordless function so you can easily fill your kettle, making it suitable for all users. What’s more, its heat resistant plastic coating enables the kettle to remain cool to touch.

The safety lid with hinge enables an easy, cleaner refill.

Overheat protection ensures that your kettle remains at its optimum temperature for you to enjoy Boil dry protection automatically turns the kettle off when it doesn’t have enough water, prolonging the life and care of your kettle.

This kettle not only makes a stylish addition to your home, but also a practical one. Featuring its clearly visible power on indicator, you are now made fully aware as to when your kettle has reached boiling point. Furthermore, it’s easy-to-read water gauge allows you to achieve a more precise, accurate boil, eliminating unnecessary boil time whilst saving energy in the process. To ensure you receive pristine water with every single boil, this kettle also includes a washable, removable filter allowing you to easily maintain your kettle and keep it at its optimum performance.
Signature is a brand of great value, creating stylish home essentials from heaters to home cooling systems, designed to enhance comfort and relaxation within your home.

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