10 Pack Magic Sponges

Price: £3.99

5.00 out of 5 based on 25 customer ratings
(25 customer reviews)


* Easily remove tough stains in any surface just add small amount of water and see the magic!

* Can be cut into smaller sizes for hard to reach gaps & corner surfaces.

* Magic sponge removes most hard to move stains including ink, crayon and permanent marker.

* Chemical free sponge made with Eco-friendly material for your family to stay safe, protected and toxic free!

* Ideal for cleaning: Greasy pans, sinks, ceramic wall, floor tiles, stains on cookware, cutlery, washbasins, baths and shower, sioled ceramic tile grouting, window frames, light switches, shoe mark on floor, alloy wheels, computers and keyboards, fax machine, desktops, whiteboards, glass surfaces, kids toys, sporting goods and accessories.

Use magic sponge to all your cleaning purposes with ease now! Highly premium quality sponge with multi-eraser stain function to remove tough stains made with eco-friendly material, chemical Free!

Hard to clean small corner surfaces? Magic sponge has all the function! Can be cut into smaller sizes for hard to reach gaps & corner surfaces so you can reach easily.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, purchase now! 3 years guarantee!

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25 thoughts on “10 Pack Magic Sponges

  1. Anonymous

    Excellent value for the money. Just as good as them from the Well known brand. Get these you will get double quantity for yr money spent with this seller. Be back for more! These sponges are good value & work extremely well, I’d previously bought the branded alternative in my local supermarket, and to be honest there’s little or no difference other than a huge price difference, and a slight size difference. They clean everything & anything – use no harsh chemicals – what more could you want.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow i am amused,,, it is really an awesome product..loving it as i got the performance beyond expectation.. It is also Useful for cleaning cookware,floor tiles etc.As well premium chemical magic will be having the high quality and the delivered in time..recommended indeed

  3. Anonymous

    We have a cleaning business and go through at least 6 cases a month.These are very high quality magic eraser sponges when compared with other brands. Hold up a bit longer it seems and they have quick shipping! No better value to be had. Price is amazing!

  4. Anonymous

    Premium in true sense.. though people don’t think too much before buying a sponge for daily use..I must say this product is different and the best thing is it’s endurance which is rare in such products and very easy to use and safe to store anywhere.

  5. Anonymous

    Very nice product, its easy to use. All my valuable things i can make neat & clean. i recommend other families to use this product. what can we expect more, it is chemical free.

  6. Anonymous

    I just love using this product as it is made with Eco-friendly material and ius chemical free so it is totally safe for the family. My kid always play with crayons , paints , inks etc and makes floor , desk dirty which cannot be cleaned easily , but this sponge did all the cleaning very easily and removes all rough stains . A must to recommend to every mother.

  7. Anonymous

    I am speechless. Such a cynic about these things, I resorted to purchasing these after my son had accidentally put indelible marker on his antique desk. I tried acetone, white spirit, normal eraser, vodka (!)…everything i had, and it was starting to affect the varnish – but not the stain! Anyway, lo and behold, I took a big sigh and began to rub with the dampened sponge. It took a bit of rubbing (the stain was quite bad and widespread) but it has now completely gone. And the varnish is totally unaffected. Whoopee for magic!

  8. Anonymous

    Used these for cleaning my glass shower cabinet and all the chrome taps etc…I was impressed. Rips through the annoying soapy film that attaches itself to the shower screen with no bother at all. Took me a few minutes to get used to it as there’s no foam etc ( just felt weird) but it shines the chrome beautifully. It also removed a smear of dried on paint spill on the kitchen sink with ease. All that cleaning and I only used half of one sponge. Will definitely buy these again.

  9. Anonymous

    Just had a new kitchen fitted with a cream-coloured ceramic sink – these sponges remove any stains and bring it up spotless. I also grow orchids on the kitchen windowsill and the sponges remove any build-up of dust (as I don’t always remember to spray them regularly) with no chemical contamination. Also great on ceramic hob cookers!

  10. Anonymous

    I didn’t think they were going to work, and then I remember I had to damp them first. Amazing results! They cleaned all the hard to remove marks from the walls without much effort at all. They’re kind if a clay-like material when wet and each sponge lasts for 1-2 full walls before breaking up. I would definitely buy them again.

  11. Anonymous

    These truly are magical! They bring up even the craziest grime that you’d never expect to shift!

    They do crumble as you use them, especially if you rub hard on a dry-ish surface, but they truest are amazing.
    I’ve ended up recommending they get used in my local IT repair shop for cleaning up computer cases, as its great with aluminium and plastics too.
    You can use it with any cleaning substance, from shower/tile cleaner, to isopropanol for electronics cleaning to dish soap or bleach, but even just plain old water works too.
    It’s great at getting the grime off our kitchen stove and extractor fan

  12. Anonymous

    Astonishing to find a product that really works. I bought it for use with removing pigment on watercolour paintings but it has worked on just about every sticky marked surface I’ve been struggling with for years; tile grouting(not 100% but much better) chipped blackened paint round windows, sticky wooden kitchen handles and door plates, light socket fingermarks, marks on Matt paintwork. I love the fact that it is chemical free and will slowly stop using many other chemical products round the house and replace them with this.

  13. Anonymous

    Purchased these after hearing many good things about them, as well as recommendations from various friends and youtube videos and I have to say I am extremely pleased with the quality of them and how well they work! Personally I have only used one to de-grease the interior of my car windscreen (yes, this is a good idea to do once in while to avoid smudges and glare!) as well as a rather stubborn stain that didn’t come out with more traditional items. I would fully recommend these to anyone, especially at such a great price.

  14. Anonymous

    Great product! In the winter I maintain my bike in my hall. I get all kinds of marks on the wall, but this product just wipes them away.

  15. Anonymous

    Appear to be just as good as the well known brand ones, but a lot cheaper. Delivered quickly, would recommend anybody gives them a go.

  16. Anonymous

    I originally bought these to try and remove heavy yellow staining off my fridge/freezer but they didn’t work too well but having said that i then tried them on the rest of the kitchen and what an improvement! the biggest bonus is the non chemical smell and so easy to use they brought up the kitchen floor brilliantly and also the cupboard doors! made cleaning my kitchen much easier and i will be testing the ones i have left on other areas of the house – i will be purchasing again

  17. Anonymous

    Love love love these, I suffer from sensitive skin, cleaning products irratate my skin these are chemical free, so good for my skin however are fantastic for difficult jobs, hob, finger marks from kids on walls (paint) tiles, work tops, bathroom, door frames, you name it I’ve cleaned it today tough on grime but sensitive on my skin. Now I walking round looking for things to clean

  18. Anonymous

    These sponges are a great cleaning product that do exactly as promised in the title. Stubborn stains are easily removed with just a little water and elbow grease, leaving clean un-damaged surfaces behind.
    The seller was excellent, extremely rapid dispatch and very good clear communications. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

  19. Anonymous

    I bought these on recommendation and I am so impressed I recommend them on! They are the only things I have found which remove stubborn marks and especially for removing scuffs from emulsion walls. Don’t rub too hard and smooth off afterwards. The wall along my staircase hasn’t looked so good since it was first decorated.

  20. Anonymous

    These are really good. Not sure why they work, but I use them for hard to shift marks on my car seats etc. they do crumble after few uses. Expensive in the shop to buy the “proper” ones, and I found these just as good. So will buy again..

  21. Anonymous

    Tea stains vanished! On mugs and spoons Some white residue left on some surfaces
    Fell apart quite quickly but after some scary results cleaning inside microwave
    Brilliant cleaner, elements of streaks and early falling apart need resolving.

  22. Anonymous

    the magic eraser sponge is Magic! just spray/dampen with water and erase away. gave one to my neighbor to try, she loved it! she was so impressed she came back for two more because she couldn’t wait for her order of MAGIC erasers to arrive!!!!

  23. Anonymous

    An everyday must have for every household I swear by these my kids used to draw on the walls constantly and these are a god send to get all sorts of marks off walls, doors and many more surfaces.

  24. Anonymous

    These worked just like the description said they would. Add some water and get to work. The sponges removed stubborn stains that other products wouldn’t budge. Worth the money.

  25. Anonymous

    These sponges are excellent for removing stubborn marks off most things. Insides of cups, teapots, dirty marks off walls, don’t know how I managed without them.

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