Premium Armband Case Cover Holder For iPhone 6/6S

Price: £8.95

5.00 out of 5 based on 12 customer ratings
(12 customer reviews)

Don’t miss out calls and listening the music you love while doing your
activities/exercises! Using our premium armbands you can have it all
now! Everywhere and anywhere!

Why choose our armband?

-Best Quality: Made with premium material, ultra thin and light-weight.

-Water Resistant, Hand washable and sweat-proof function to better
protect your mobile phone.

-Durable and lightweight.

-Secure Velcro closure system.

-Made from the quality neoprene and plastic.

-Access to headphone.

-Slot for keys.

-10 – 15 inches circumference

Package includes:

1 x Stylish Armband for iPhone 6.

1 x 3 Years Warranty and Friendly Customer Service.

12 thoughts on “Premium Armband Case Cover Holder For iPhone 6/6S

  1. Anonymous

    My hubby is a buisnessman and so he is always busy with his phone.This makes him difficult to workout in gym. He really found hard to manage his iphone during workout in gym. To make him comfortable from this issue I gifted this product to him. He was really impressed with this product.Nowadays he is taking his phone to gym without any fear of damage with the help this product. Since it comes with one plus one offer,I too had the opportunity to own this product.

  2. Anonymous

    This is actually the first time I’ve tried on a phone armband, and I must say it’s quite a nice thing to have.

    The armband comes in a nice-looking retail blister pack, it feels well made, the outside made from faux leather and the inside lining appearing to be of spandex, not only expandable, but also a material that will hold your phone, keys or whatever else you tuck into it quite securely.

  3. Anonymous

    Wonderful product! Loved it much.The products supports latest mobiles. Fully adjustable, unbreakable product ,Light weight and soft ,bright and ultra-comfortable armband, Soft strap improves comfort and keep your phone safety at all times during use. Nice touch screen use.Cost is very low also. Really nice Really nice health device to keep health good.Thanks for such a nice product.

  4. Anonymous

    This is a super product from loving husband bought this for me.This product supports latest mobile option and fully adjustable and very light weight.I like this and hundred percent happy to purchase such a product.Really high quality and soft ,bright and ultra comfortable armband in design to bent and twist.After exercise should it hand wash and keep in dry

  5. Anonymous

    Good offer useful for me and my family. Supports various models. 100% refund, replacement, that was nice. Heavy display so aged persons also use this product easily. Wonderful product! Loved it much. highly recommend others to buy it. Nowhere to go for those who want to buy this product. Just log in to your Amazon account and grab it! Five star for this product!

  6. Anonymous

    Excellent product now on a days. The product is very high quality and useful for every one. The product is easy to adjustable and unbreakable. Now the extra one plus one offer is very good. Thanks for this offer. The also offered 90 days money back guarantee, so every one to try this product.

  7. Anonymous

    This is a good product!! Armband Belt Strap is really firm and comfortable to wear. I have been using this product for few months now no defect till now, so far so good.

  8. Anonymous

    if you are a serious about fitness and always doing exercise aerobics or running then this band is very useful to you because it attached to your arm so you never have to worry about your cell phone and you never miss your important call or texts. other useful things about this band you never need a i pod during your work out, you can play music on your cell phone also.other various things like timer, stop watch in your arms at one time. you can put your work out apps also in your cell phone and you will get the benefits

  9. Anonymous

    Really enjoy using this like all my daily morning runs. It not only provides me a comfortable place to place my iPhone as I listen to my music when I run, but it also has a protective outside cover just in case I might bump into something as I do my run. I do enjoy the flexibility of having this and has added an extra sense of security for an expensive item such as my iPhone.

  10. Anonymous

    Perfect product. I use this so much when I’m running or exercising and it keeps everything in place. The phone fits perfectly and the case is also very sturdy. It does not slip from my arm nor does it move at all.

  11. Anonymous

    I like this iPhone armband. There’s no need to remove the phone from its case to use it with the armband. Running program can be activated without any problem. It is quite comfortable and fits fine. They have amazing customer service.

  12. Anonymous

    I love this arm band it definitely exceeded my expectations! I first used it on a tree top adventure course which involved alot of movement, swinging from ropes, hanging from lines, zip wires etc. I wanted to take my phone with me to take pictures so I used the arm band (as no loose articles were allowed) to secure my phone. It held up good, my phone didn’t fall out, it stayed attached to my arm and I could use it through the screen! So all in all I was happy, because if it can withstand that course it’s perfect for when I go gym! It fits securely onto my arm and feels comfortable, I forget I’m wearing it most of the time. Sometimes I do tighten the strap a bit (after about 2 hours) if it feels a bit loose, but nothing major. I like the concept of the key slot, but my keys are way to big to fit in there (I have a massive door key & an electronic fob). Pretty happy with the armband though, it’s decent quality and does the job wonderfully.

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