Pack Of 5 Nozzle Spray Nozzle Tips

Price: £18.95

Premium High Pressure Washer Nozzle Tips! Set Of 5 Quick Connect High Pressure Spray Nozzles. Nozzles Fit Most Pressure Washers Whatever For Industry, Commercial Or Family. Suitable For Quick Disconnect Fittings Or To Replace Damaged Nozzles. Each Accessory Extends The Functionality Of Your High Pressure Washer. 3 Years Free Guaranteed! Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now, Simply Click “Add To Cart” And You’re Good To Go.


Material: Stainless Steel Plastic
Colour: 5 Colors (Red, Yellow, Green, White, Black)
0 Degree (Red)
15 Degree (Yellow)
25 Degree (Green)
40 Degree (White)
65 Degree (Black)

Nozzles Fit Most Pressure Washers Up To 2700psi(186bar)/2.0gpm , 3000psi(207bar)/2.1gpm , 3200psi(220bar)/2.2gpm , 3600psi(248bar)/2.3gpm , 4000psi (276bar)/2.5gpm , 5000psi (344bar)/2.7gpm Max.

Package Includes:

1 X 0 Degree Red Nozzles
1 X 15 Degree Yellow Nozzles
1 X 25 Degree Green Nozzles
1 X 40 Degree White Nozzles
1 X 65 Degree Black Nozzles
1 X 3 Years Free Guarantee

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