Simply Silent Extractor Fan

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Keep Your Home Bathrooms, Washrooms And Kitchen Fresh And Dry With Our Premium Silent Extractor Fan! Helps Keep Your Home Ventilated With No Extra Noise, Works Silently! Built In Timer Over-run With Impressive Extraction Rate Of 75m3/hr, 21 Litres Per Second! Ensure Durability And Quality For A Long Time Use, Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now! Simply Click “Add To Cart”.

Key Features:

-Extraction Rate 75m³/hr
-Low Noise Level 27dba At 3mt
-Built-in Backdraft Shutter
-Timer Over-run

Package Include:

1 X Silent Extractor Fan
1 X Manual
1 X 3 Years Free Guarantee!

3 thoughts on “Simply Silent Extractor Fan

  1. Anonymous

    after installation the fan unit works a treat, if you arent experienced with wiring you should hire an electrician as this will need two live connections and an exra switch installed for the fan to continue running after the light is out. It also means that the fan wount be on all the time the light is as with our old and noisy fan was.This unit is so quiet in operation though I would recommend it to all, In our house veryone works shifts and a noisy bathroom fan in the early hours disrupts everyones sleep. the fan has an effective draw, we have it set on high.It looks very good fitted to the ceiling as ours is.

  2. Anonymous

    This is such a useful piece of kit and was just what I needed. Its selling point is its quietness. Most extractor fans are pretty noisy and this product is said to be the quietest on the market. It is easily maintained with its sleek and stylish looks. All you do is twist and click to remove for cleaning. It has 2 speeds (15 litres per second and 21 litres per second) which can be selected when it is installed. With 3 years guarantee, not only is it easy to install (by an electrician) I like its versatility in that it can be wall, ceiling or panel fitted.

  3. Anonymous

    The base of this uses three screws, not one in each corner. The holes are not equidistant either so can be turned in existing hole (if replacing an old fan) to give various options. This made it very easy to replace and existing fan. This is two speed, the speed is selected upon installation using a jumper. As such it can be changed later but only by removing the clip-on cover. On high speed there is a light roar of air, the fan motor is very quiet.
    It clears the room of bathroom air very very well.

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