Glowing LED Frisbee Blue

Price: £6.99

  • Bright LED lights for visibility & fun for Children, Adults and Dogs too!
  • Fibre-Optic Array Illumining the disc from EVERY angle for nighttime fun
  • Enjoy yourself safely and for a long time in the dark with this LED Frisbee
  • Hours of fun for all ages throughout the year! * Long life battery that is replaceable easily
  • Flying Disc weighs only about 187 grams *Looks and feels like very high quality non-illuminated disc

This very cool Frisbee adds an extraterrestrial effect to your next Frisbee game! This fantastic Glow Frisbee provides the ultimate in after-dark entertainment and makes an amazing gift. Plus the kids can keep fit and active daily after school and during weekends and holidays easily without getting bored! Perfect and fantastic presents for those inevitable birthday’s and for other gifting occasions without being worried if they will like you present, as this present will be loved by kids, adults and dogs at all times! Professionally designed ensures performs beautifully. Made of lightweight, durable materials, with lovely balance and long straight flight, it is a pleasure to enjoy frequently with the kids, adults family friends and your dog too! You will even use in the daytime as well! Night time is easy with the flick of the switch, the LED Frisbee lights up! Yes it lights for unbelievable huge length of time about 100,000 hours approximately and it is easily replaceable too! The enjoyable extend to the rim therefore ensuring the full disc is illuminated from all angles. This Frisbee are perfect for taking to the beach, camping trips and playing in the garden or park. You won’t have to stop playing just because the sun has gone to bed! Glow in the Dark frisbees make a perfect gift for children, teenagers, grown up kids and pets. A whopping 9 fibre-optic channels set this full size Frisbee apart from the rest, it’s brilliant red LEDs are some of the brightest on the market. Simply open it up, remove the white tag to activate the battery and let the games begin! Each Glow Frisbee is preloaded with 2 extra long-lasting, replaceable lithium coin-cell batteries for maximum fun with minimal hassle. A simple On/Off switch activates the 9 rows of high-powered LEDs, and its water-resistant construction keeps moisture from putting a damper on the flashing effect. Perfect Toy for Kids Children Ideal Present Xmas Gift

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