Car Tyre Digital Air Compressor

Price: £27.99

12V 250PSI DIGITAL AIR COMPRESSOR PUMP VAN CAR TYRE FOOTBALL INFLATOR PORTABLE! This high capacity digital tyre inflator has a specially designed high speed pump which inflates all tyres to the correct pressure automatically. Simply pre-set the correct pressure with the digital touch control, connect to your car cigarette socket and the unit will inflate in half the time of many standard tyre compressors, automatically stopping when the correct pressure is reached.


· Inflates tyres and other inflatable objects.
· An important and useful product helping to improve fuel efficiency and handling of your vehicle.
· Ideal for any roadside emergencies.
· Approximate length of power cord is 2.7m
· Color: black
· Voltage: 12V
· Current: 10A
· Maximum pressure: 250PSI
· Gas tube length: approx. 60cm / 1.9ft
· Power wire length: approx. 2.8m / 9.1ft
· Item size: approx. 21 * 14.3 * 6.4cm / 8.6 * 5.6 * 2.5in
· Item weight: 620g / 1.3lb

Box Contains:

1 x Car air compressor
3 x Nozzle adapter
1 x User manual

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