Aicok Stainless Steel Toaster and Egg Maker

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  • ✔ Innovative 5-in-1 Appliance Functions – Toasts while Egg cookers to poach, steam or boil eggs, includes poach tray to boil up five eggs at a time. Steam tray to heat pre-cooked meats or vegetables for your breakfast sandwich in about 4 minutes.
  • ✔ Light to Dark Toast Settings – The toaster has 7 browning control where you can choose your ideal toast shade. The first four settings is commonly used, unless you like your toast practically burnt. Defrost and reheat function, auto shut off with cancel button.
  • ✔ Attractive and Practical Design – Wide toaster slots fits a variety of thick breads and bagels. High toast lift for easy removal of smaller breads. A power cord length 27.6in can store in the base for space-saving storage. Removable crumb tray, easy-to-clean.
  • ✔ Convenient to Use – The toaster also comes with a measure cup, which is used to measure out the precise amount of water needed for the number of eggs you’re cooking. On the underside of the cup is a handy pin to prick egg shells before steaming them.
  • ✔ Certification and Warranty – BPA free material gives you 100% guarantee. 2 years manufacturer warranty. If you have any issues with our product, please feel free to contact our customers support.

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Welcome a world of convenient cooking in a matter of minutes with the innovative toaster and egg cooker from Aicok.

• 4cm extra wide slots perfect for toast bagels crumpets and more.
• Defrost function can toast frozen bread for a longer time so the inside is cooked through and the outside is toasty.
• Reheat function warms up already-toasted bread and doesn’t brown it any further.
• The left knob is for toaster, the right knob is for frying eggs, steaming eggs and boiling eggs. The LED light is green when the plug is inserted. If turn the right knob down, then the LED light will be red.
• This item has boil dry and overheat protection, it will automatically shut off when fry or boil eggs.

Please read the user manual carefully before using.
For the first use, please turn the toast shades to “3” without bread in the slots and plug the machine for several minutes.
Before frying egg, please preheat for a few minutes, then put the oil and eggs on the fry pan.
The toaster surface will get hot during use, especially near the toasting slots, so always allow the appliance to cool down before touching it.

Rated Voltage: 220-240V
Herz: 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 1050W
Number of Slots: 2
Product Size: 15*6.3*7.5 inch
Product Net Weight: 2.1 kg

Package List:
1 x Aicok Toaster and Egg Maker
1 x Fry Pan
1 x Steam Egg Holder
1 x Poach Egg Tray
1 x Steam Tray
1 x Measure Cup
1 x Spatula
1 x Lid
1 x User Manual
Two Years Warranty

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