8 Litre Pressure Sprayer Bottle Pump Plant

Price: £17.99

8L Pressure Sprayer Pressure Sprayer that can be used to spray water, weed killer, or a variety of liquids. Pump the top of the sprayer repeatedly to generate air pressure. The pressure then allows you to squeeze the trigger and spray your chosen liquid.. Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy Now, Simply Click “Add To Basket” And You’re Good To Go. 3 Years Free Guaranteed!


Spray cleaning with detergents
Spraying fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides
Spraying fences and gates with preservative treatments
Watering plants indoor or outdoor
Cleaning in those hard to reach spots on your car/van like in and around the wheels, engine bay, under the car and lights.

Package Contents:

1 X 8L Pressure Sprayer Bottle
1 X 3 Years Free Guarantee

If You Are Not Completely Satisfied With Your 8L Pressure Sprayer Bottle For Whatever Reason, Simply Let Us Know And We’ll Refund You In Full.

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