13 X 3cm Spikes Lawn Aerating Sandals

Price: £12.99

Improve Your Lawn! Let Your Lawn Grass Healthier With More Air And Enough Water To Grow Greener! Use Our Premium Spikes Lawn Aerating Sandals Improves Oxygen Level Of Your Lawn Grass, Guaranteed! Easy To Use With Its New Improve Buckle, Easy To Strap And Adjust, Amazing! Helps Reduce Compacted Soil Which Helps Grass Roots And Increase Water And Nutrients Penetration. Don’t Wait For Tomorrow Buy It Now! Simply Click “Add To Cast” And You’re Good To Go! 3 Years Free Guarantee!

Package Includes:

2 X Aerating Shoes
2 X Long Straps
2 X Short Straps
4 X Buckles
4 X Sliders
13 X 3cm Spikes
1 X Instruction Manual English
1 X 3 Years Free Guarantee!

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