Grass Shrubs & Hedge Trimmer

Posted on May 27, 2018 by Admin

If you have a garden, big or small you know the toll of maintaining one. One of the primary gardening works including routine trimming of hedges and shrubs to maintain a neat and well defined appearance of your garden. Therefore, one of the essential gardening tools which every garden owner must have in their tool box is a 2 in 1 Grass Shrubs & Hedge Trimmer. These are compact, light weight handy tools which helps you in particularly contouring evergreen hedges, shrubs, those ornamental small trees and even your lawn with ultimate precision. Moreover, in the modern trimmers you get two powerful interchangeable blades which can be accordingly used for trimming hedges and grass shearing. Besides, these advanced trimmers have smartly eliminated the tangling trouble of cords plugged to power point, which not only creates limitation of lengthwise access for operation but also creates chances of accidents.

Handling and Operational Ease

Compact design with ergonomic rubber coated handling offering a firm grip makes advanced trimmers, a perfect gardening partner you can have. You can feel the efficiency 100rpm no load speed which allows you to trim with precision. While cordless design allows you comprehensive freedom of accessing every corner of your garden without being limited near the power point, with 1.3ah robust lithium battery you are able to run your gardening sessions even up to 5hrs. So now for your gardening works you don’t need to be dependent on electricity anymore. Besides, these are modernized and advanced models of Grass Shrubs & Hedge Trimmer which are considerably light weight, thus you even don’t need to strain and stress your wrists and hands holding a heavy and bulky trimmer anymore.

Safe Functionality

In order to swap the cutting and trimming blades all you need to do is press a button without any other hassle. When you need to change the blades, simply removing the base of the machine can help you to do so without the need of touching the blades. Again since the tool is battery operated you are safe from any electrical hazard.

Added Benefits

· Most often there is a led indicator which indicates that when the machine is in operation and on mode and while it is off mode.

· Cordless design with powerful lithium battery offering 5 hours of operational strength gives you complete freedom of moving around your garden and reaching out to every difficult corner.

· Soft grip handle makes handling for long hours comfortable.