Benefits and Use of Lawn Aerator

Posted on May 27, 2018 by Admin

Lawns happens one of the most favorite activity area in the summers and even one of the most multifunctional ones throughout the year. It is your lawn where you stroll, or have makeshift patios, driveways, pathways, kids playing area. The foot traffic resulted from all these extensive activities lead to compaction of soil which leading to a thin, compacted, poorly-draining lawn. In order to keep your laws looking fresh and sharp all the way, you need to aerate your lawn routinely and Garden Grass Rolling Lawn Aerator allows you to meet with the aerating requirement of your garden soil all by yourself.

While earlier you needed to get through an appointment of a gardening expert service for aerating your garden and even spend handsome bucks, with this Garden Grass Rolling Lawn Aerator you can not only save money but you can also aerate you garden and lawn soil whenever required without waiting for external assistance.

Improves Grass Health

A lawn or a garden simply looks miserable if the turf in the lawn is not healthy. Lawn aerator basically works integrally to offer improved access of it to the root zones of the grass, and you can also use it offer water and fertilizers that’s comprehensive enrichment opportunity to the lawn grasses. Plants and grasses all require sufficient amount of nutrients, air and water to grow healthily and in order to maintain a fresh and attractive lawn it is essential that you take care of your grass health and lawn aerator helps to you encourage deeper and dense roots of the turfs.

Reduced Thatch Build-up

Accumulation of thick layer of thatch can obstruct your turfs from acquiring sufficient amount of water, air and nutrients. It is not only essential to clear of those thatches during the fall but also throughout the year. Lawn aerator helps in promoting core aeration which essentially introduces to the lawn soil, thatch-decomposing microorganisms which helps the self decomposition process of the thatches.

Lawn Aerator Buying Tips

· Now while buying lawn aerator it is essential that you look for one which offers functional as well as operational ease.

· Nowadays, aluminum handled aerator rollers with PP wheels are available which are not only easy to roll on the lawn and use but easy to manage even without expert gardening knowledge.

· Stainless steel structure of the aerator is a preferable one if you are looking for a value for money investment, since steel offers a sturdy built as well as durability to the product.